Getting married is one of the most serious and joyful decisions we make in life. Here you can find out all about getting married at St John’s or having a wedding blessing. We would like your service in church to be personal and meaningful, spiritual and beautiful.

Weddings are the joyful celebration of the beginning of a new life together for the couple getting married. They are a a time for great celebration and festivity – but also for contemplation and reflection on commitment, faithfulness and loyalty. In a wedding, bride and groom give each other their consent, make solemn vows to one another, and have their union blessed in the presence of God. A church is therefore much more than simply a venue for your wedding.

A church wedding will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage. God’s blessing is one of the main attractions for many couples to be married in church, whatever their beliefs. For others, it seems only natural to make their solemn vows before God. There are also many couples for whom it is important to be married in the same place as their neighbours, friends and other family members.

Any or all of these reasons can make your day even more special. St John’s has stood at the centre of Burgess Hill for over 150 years; whether you are looking to be married at St John’s, or would like a blessing following a civil ceremony – we will always be here for you.

If you would like to complete an application to the Parish Office for a Wedding booking please email the Parish Office, and you will be contacted by the Parish Administrator once this is received.

If you are getting married in a different Church, but are resident within St John’s parish boundaries, you will need to get your wedding Banns read here. For Reading of Banns, please first download the following application form. This will need to be completed and returned to the Parish Office, along with Photocopies of your passports. Once this information is received, the Banns will be scheduled and you will be advised when they will be read.

The Banns Application document (click on the image to download)

For more information about Christian marriage, see the Church of England’s website:

The Parish Office is open on Monday to Thursday between 9.30am to 12.30pm
01444 230499 or email

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