Instructions on maintaining the website

Maintaining items in the right-hand column of the home page

There are 3 areas (widgets) in the RH column – services, concerts and events that show posts


This will show a single post and will only show the body of the post. It will normally be used for a list of services or information about services.

Create the post and ensure that the post category is ‘services’. If you want to replace it go into the posts section and move to trash and then create a new post. Alternatively, edit the existing post.

If you want to keep it for possible future use, change the category to ‘uncategorized.


This will show up to 5 concerts. The category should be set as ‘concerts’. When creating the post, scroll down until the ‘Expires’ option on the RH side is displayed. Set the date to be the date following the date of the concert and leave the time as 00:00.

Set the action to be ‘Move to trash’. This will remove the post from being displayed on the front page.


This will show up to 2 events. The category should be set as ‘events’. If you wish the event to expire after a certain date, proceed as above in section 2. Alternatively simply move the post to trash when it is no longer needed, or if you wish to keep it, reset the category to ‘uncategorized’.


Other areas

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