At St John’s flowers are used to beautify our church and enhance our worship.

We are always delighted to welcome new members to the flower arranging team.






We operate a sponsor scheme where members of the congregation are invited to sponsor flowers on a particular Sunday. This way we can share together to celebrate a birthday, a special anniversary, a baptism, or perhaps to remember a loved one. There can be more than one name on any date since the cost of flowers does not get any cheaper. The flowers will be then arranged by a member of the flower team. You can either pay now or nearer the date, whichever is more convenient. If the latter, it would be helpful if you would let me know how much you wish to donate nearer the time so that the appropriate flowers can be provided. Alternatively, if relevant, you can give by Gift Aid envelopes, marking it “flowers” and hand it to me as normal


We are always delighted to welcome new members to the team – even if they have never arranged flowers before;

If you are interested please phone Kit Widdowson 01444 241112





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